May 9, 2003 ICQv7-t discontinued

Currently no programmer works on ICQv7-t. Since there are alternatives such as JIT and AIM/ICQ-t and ICQv7-t has severe stability problems under load, we suggest replacing ICQv7-t. It can be replaced by JIT directly without changing the transport's XDB spool files.

May 11, 2002 Development pre-release 0.3.0pre2

Overall invisibility and visible list support.

Plz note the following:

  1. Invisible list is the list of users which don't see your presence when you aren't in invisible state.

    Manipulation on invisible list should be performed while you aren't in invisible state.

    To put an user into the invisible list send

    <presence to='' type='invisible'/>
    to remove from the invisible list send
    <presence to='' type='available'/>
  2. Visible list is the list of users which can see your presence when you are in invisible state.

    Manipulation on visible list should be performed while you are in invisible state.

    To put an user into the visible list send

    <presence to='' type='available'/>
    to remove from the invisible list send
    <presence to='' type='invisible'/>
  3. Warning! The invisible list is server-stored, so users will be there even you relogin

May 10, 2002 Development pre-release 0.3.0pre1

Ported to libicq2000-0.3.1. So this pre-release requires pre-installed libicq2000.

Implemented per-user invisibility (i.e. invisible list). AFAIK the only client which supports it at the moment is JAJC (go here>>>).

Plz note that invisible list is server-stored. Once you made yourself invisible for a person by sending

<presence to='' type='invisible'/>
the person won't be able to see your presence until you send him(her)
<presence to='' type='available'/>
even you relogin.
Apr 18, 2002 Next release

A lot of bugs were fixed! If you experienced crashes or even couldn't start the transport, you should be greatly surprised now.

Release spotlights:

  • FreeBSD port
  • i18n for SMSes
  • bugs fixes
It's recommended for everyone to upgrade. And I'm gonna start working on final 0.3 release which will be based on just released libicq2000-0.3.0 and will include the following features:
  • invisibility
  • invisible lists (so, client authors, plz implement it in your clients!)
  • and maybe more, see libicq2000 features here >>>
Implementation of search isn't in my plans now, so if anyone wants to do it (libicq2000 does contain this functionality already) I will gladly accept a patch.
Mar 30, 2002
We are alive!

The project is not dead, but it needs your help!

Next release is coming soon...

Jan 22, 2002 One more test release

SMS-transport and several fixes.

Changes are here.

Jan 11, 2002 Intermediate test release

I've decided to release almost full-featured release to let everyone to test the transport before milestone 0.3.0 release.

Changes are here.

Jan 3, 2002 Happy New Year!

Almost all features of libicq2000 are incorporated into ICQv7-t, except SMS for now (until my cellular operator will begin to accept SMSes from ICQ again). Features of ICQv7-t now include:

  • Message sending/receiving
  • URL sending/receiving
  • Status changes
  • Authorisation Requests
  • Fetching user info from server
  • Fetching away messages
  • Direct Connections
Get it from the CVS. Release will be made soon (as soon as libicq2000 will get released and ICQv7-t will be ported to GCC-3.0.x.

It seems that ICQv7-t doesn't work with gcc-2.95.3 (segfaults and so on). It's because JECL (one of ICQv7-t's components) can't coexist with gcc-2.95.3 and requires gcc-3.0.x. However I extremally test the transport with gcc-2.95.4 (Debian prerelease, i.e. CVS snapshot from 2.95 branch) and everything is fine.

So if you are experiencing weird behavior of ICQv7-t there are two solutions:

  • get lastest snapshot from gcc-2.95 CVS branch and try it
  • wait (not a long time) until ICQv7-t will accept gcc-3.0.x

Dec 20, 2001 Next iteration has begun

The code of ICQv7-t is successfully moved to 0.2.0 version of libicq2000. There is the amount of work remained, but P2P direct connections work already. Check it out from the CVS and plz report bugs.

BTW, if you definitely want to use ICQv7-t with jabber-1.4.1 you can do it! Just replace

file by the same one from the jabber-1.4.2-test and rebuild your old good jabber-1.4.1
Dec 16, 2001 Version 0.2.0 of libicq2000 released. See here

This release suggests many bugfixes and feature improvements, which will be incorporated into upcoming 0.2.0 release of ICQv7-t. Besides that, the following are planned for next iteration:

  • SMS subagent (!)
  • VCard related stuff

Dec 16, 2001 Version 0.1.2 of ICQv7-t released.

This release includes majority of libicq2000-0.1.2 functionality, but it isn't too much:

  • Messaging (through server only)
  • Presence notification
That's all, check it out.
Dec 14, 2001 ICQv7-t project is hosted at SourceForge!


Stable: icqv7-t-
Development: icqv7-t-0.3.0pre2.tar.gz Installation and configuration instructions see inside in README.

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CVS hosted at SourceForge.


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Portions of code are GPLed, other ones are under the JOSL. See here.


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