ICQv7-t uses unusual licensing: portions of code are distributed under different licenses, though all of them are open source:
  • Internal part of ICQv7-t

    code located in 'jabberd' subcatalog

    The license is JOSL. It's so, because my code is derived from old icq-transport by Schuyler Heath <> and others. My modifications are done in accordance with JOSL.

  • External part of ICQv7-t

    binary: icqv7ext
    code located in top source catalog

    The license is GPL. It's because of my preferencies and the fact that code of external part uses libicq2000 which is GPLed.

    Btw, the external part also is linked with JECL, but it is not violation of GPL or JOSL

  • libicq2000

    code located in 'libicq2000' subcatalog

    GPLed libraries from ickle project.

  • JECL

    code located in 'libjax', 'libbedrock' & 'libjudo' subcatalogs

    Libraries from the appropriate project. My little modifications of them are done in accordance with JOSL.

  • libjabber

    code located in 'libjabber' subcatalog

    JOSLed code from's jabberd-server. My little modifications of it are done in accordance with JOSL.